Classes Taught at Sheldrake

Introduce your child to the wonders of the natural world and help them appreciate exploring nature and learning about ecology.  We offer both mommy & me as well as drop-off programs that include plenty of outdoor time and hands-on fun!

Programs are $90 for single session, $60 per session for 2 or more (max 3/day).

To engage your preschoolers, our 30-minute programs include:

  • Specimens
  • Active Role Play
  • Hands-on Activities
  • Songs, poems and storybooks

Classes Taught at your Preschool

Invite a Sheldrake Naturalist to your school! We bring nature to you…
Our unique programs help children recognize some of the common creatures that live locally and encourage curiosity while developing skills of observing, describing, and sorting. By focusing on local nature, children develop a sense of place and an awareness of their natural surroundings

Sample classes include:

Changing Seasons — Colorful leaves in fall,  flowers in spring, animal tracks in winter —  find the magic in each season!
Life under a Log — Worms, millipedes,  beetles, salamanders — check out  amazing animals  from our back yard!
Birds of a Feather Hear bird calls, play the bird beak game,  learn to recognize cardinals, chickadees, and others.
Plus … Seeds, Pollinators, Adaptations, Seashore, Habitats and More!

For more info on preschool classes, please contact Jocelyn Kleinman at 914-834-1443 or

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