Be a spark that ignites more knowledge.  We rely on your generosity to continue delivering important experiential programs for nature-based education.  When you donate, you are sustaining an organization that helps individuals – especially children – benefit from all that nature has to offer.

Yet another Red-tailed Hawk!The annual cost to provide our breadth of programming is over $100,000.  Your donation will have an immediate impact, felt by people in your local community.   As a small, non-profit organization, we depend on fundraising and program fees for nearly 90% of our financial resources. It’s the support of friends like you that allows us to continue being a vibrant educational resource for the local communities of lower Westchester.

Some quick facts about what we did in 2018:

  • We have taught over 1,500 hours of nature education, delivering more than 400 classes.
  • We offer Free nature and STEM education programs for families several weekends a month.
  • We introduced 15 new programs for families this year including Nature CSI, Full Moon Hikes, and Spirals in Nature.
  • We expanded our bilingual nature education to provide more learning opportunities.
  • We expanded our after-school offerings for children including Young Explorers and Magical Bird Time for preschool and Elementary school children.
  • family2A team of 6 staff naturalists, 22 volunteers and our Director of Education deliver all of our programs.  Helping them to acquire more knowledge will enhance the classes we deliver to students and families.

$100 will give every area student the opportunity to make meaningful connections with nature on their class trips.

$200 will help us maintain our state of the art microscopes so that every 5th grader can participate in Ponding with Microscopes – an exciting, hands-on Stem-based program.

$400 will pay for a bus to bring our bilingual participants to the center for monthly programming.

$500 will help launch our new wellness initiative, featuring walks, retreats, and mindful Saturdays.

$1,000 will pay for a new environmental educator to receive training.Note to Cindy

Your donation (of any size) is the key to delivering on our mission of sparking a lifelong love of nature in the children and families of our community.